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The Foundation has granted funds to PYC for much needed masonry repairs for the Junior and Senior Clubhouse as well as painting, repairs and a survey of the flagpole. Work commencement was put on hold for this last summer and the Club is putting a fresh effort into starting those projects.


It was through Preservation Connecticut that experts were brought in to determine that the mortar used in an earlier repairs was too hard and caused the deterioration. We expect more repairs will be necessary in the future.


Grant opportunities, including mortar repair:


We will be applying for a grant to rebuild the cupola and have it installed. HDC did not approve the original submission and insists on an exact duplicate of the original done in wood. The original estimate for replacement has almost tripled in price from the initial application cost.


The lower deck of the Senior Clubhouse needs replacement as does the porch staircase. Rot is the issue in both cases.


Storm window treatment for the Senior Clubhouse second story windows is being discussed and that, too, could benefit from grant monies.


The seawall will need work and an initial assessment of existing conditions is on the table for approval by the Club. Over half the seawall was built in the late 60’s and may be able to be added to in height, with engineering approval.


The seawall closest to Perry Green and the stretch in front of both Clubhouses appear to be of an older construction which do not meet present day code and, ultimately, they will need a total rebuild.


A rebuild of Perry Green’s seawall has been granted one million dollars in funding from the Town and they are seeking additional Federal funding. Unfortunately, most of the funding for such a project is limited to municipalities. We may be able to get some tag along funding as erosion from our lower seawall height could imperil Town land. We have been in discussion with Becky Bunnell, Head of the Town’s Erosion Control Board and Tom Herley, Chief Engineer, regarding this subject.


Seawall work can be supported by the foundation but we will need considerably more funding than we have received to do this and be able to fund matching grants which require us to fully fund a project before we are reimbursed.

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